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              LED Product

              LED Lighting Package

              Shenzhen MTC Lighting Co., Ltd. (BMTC) was founded in 2011. Since its establishment, the company has focused on LED packaging based on its professional and experienced management team, well-established quality control system and high-quality suppliers. We are committed to delivering price competitive, first-class quality LED packaging solutions to customers around the world. Currently, our LED packaging products cover SMD, COB, CSP, filament and light engine, serving leading lighting brands at home and abroad.

              Looking forward, BMTC will strive to become a leading and respectful LED packaging company and to be widely recognized by our customers as one of the top suppliers of LED related products. We hope to make our own contributions to the development of LED industry and the protection of our planet by reducing emission.


              SMD (2835, 5630, 3030, 4914), COB, CSP, light engine, filament


              LED bulb, downlight, ceiling light, lamp, panel light, track spot light, filament lamp, etc.

              TV Backlight

              Since 2011, BMTC started to invest in the R&D of TV backlight bar. After continuous technology development, we now provide cost effective and high performance TV back light unit (BLU) solutions to our customers globally. We offer BLU solutions that support TVs with different features. We have delivered our TV backlight products to many leading TV brands and manufacturers and established long-term relationship with our customers.


              Direct Down Type, Side View Type


              Direct down type solutions are cost effective because they reduce the quantity of lighting bars required. Direct down type is applicable on LED-TV, backlight, monitor and touch screen.

              Side view type is applicable on slim LED-TV, backlight, monitor, touch screen and electronic whiteboard.

              Small and Medium Size Backlight

              Small and medium size backlight is the third product line launched by BMTC after LED package and TV backlight. After four-year's marketing and technology accumulation, our small and medium size backlight is widely recognized by our customers.


              Middle light, high light and super high light


              Mobile phone, tablet computer and touch screen

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